Skills Support for Care Leavers


This website provides information on the different learning, training and employment options available to care leavers. It aims to help you make decisions about education and work, and find out what support you can get along the way.

If you're thinking about improving your skills, getting some qualifications or going to uni, have a look at education. If you'd like to get some careers advice, find a job or set up your own business, head over to employment. If you're interested in earning while you learn, take a look at learning on the job.

If you support care leavers, you can use this website with the young people you work with, to help them find the information they need about learning, training and employment.

All the information on this site should be up-to-date and accurate, but if you find a mistake or a gap then please let us know.

'Every aspect of my life has improved since I have returned to education and I truly believe it is because of the confidence I have gained. Even though it may not be an easy road, it will be well worth it at the end!' - Adele

Are you a care leaver?

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Care leaver covenant

The government is introducing a new commitment to supporting care leavers that organisations can sign up to. Look out for colleges, universities and employers signing up to the covenant over the next few months!

Care leavers' rights

What are your rights as a care leaver?

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