Care leavers' rights


This page sets out the rights and entitlements you have as a care leaver.

Personal adviser

Your local authority should make sure that you have a personal adviser to support you until you are 21, or 25 if you remain in or return to education or training.

The government has recently announced that all care leavers over the age of 21, regardless of their learning status, will receive support from a personal adviser until they are 25 years old if they wish.

If you have a personal adviser make sure you discuss your plans with them – their advice can be really helpful.

If you don’t have a personal adviser, why not consider getting this kind of help as a first step – speak to your leaving care team about getting one.

Pathway plan

Your personal adviser should support you to achieve the things that are set out in your pathway plan. The pathway plan is a document which identifies your needs and how the local authority will help you meet these. This can include financial help with education, employment, and training.

Support from your local authority

All local authorities are now required to publish their support for care leavers. Visit your local authority’s website or contact your personal adviser for more information about the full range of support available to you.


As a care leaver, you should have access to lots of support to help you get into, achieve and progress in education. Find out about the options that are on offer and the support you can get while you learn.

Learning on the job

There are lots of different courses that can help you to gain new skills, qualifications and work experience at the same time. You'll get paid for some of these, so they're a good option if having an income is important to you.


Lots of organisations provide specialist support for care leavers to help them find their dream job. Find out how to get careers advice, find work experience and placements, look for work, and become self-employed

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