Many young people decide that they want a break from learning and want to go straight into a job, or they may have already done higher level education and are now looking to start their career.

This section gives an overview of careers advice, getting work experience and placements, looking for work, and being self-employed. It also includes information on financial support when you’re looking for a job.

Careers advice

Deciding what career or job you want to do can be difficult, but there are lots of organisations and people who can help you with your decisions.

Looking for work

This section gives lots of hints and tips about how to find and apply for jobs. It also tells you where you can get help with job search and applications.

Work experience

Work experience can help you decide what sort of job you may like, develop your skills and confidence, and give you something to put on your CV.


You don’t have to have a job and work for an employer - you could set up your own business and work for yourself.

Financial help

There is lots of financial support available to help you look for work, once you find a job and if you want to do some training.

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