What is a local offer?

Local authorities in England should have a ‘local offer for care leavers’. This should outline the compulsory support they are required to offer by law, and the discretionary support they offer for care leavers, across 6 areas of their lives:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Education and training
  • Employment
  • Accommodation
  • Participation in society

Local offers should be created through consultation with care leavers, and the staff who work with them.

What is this map for?

This map shows local offers for care leavers by local authority across England. Where there is not a specific local offer, we have provided available information about the leaving care team and their services.

Local offer legislation does not apply to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – but where possible we have included information on the local authority services.

Who is this map for?

This map is for:

  • Care leavers who want to know what they are entitled to from their local authority. Care leavers can use their local offer to ensure their rights and entitlements are respected.
  • Foster carers who want to help the young people they look after plan for their future and support them to access the full range of entitlements and support.
  • Support staff who want to offer advice to care leavers on their rights and entitlements.

You can use the search below to find the name of your local authority.

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